WeChat, Telegram and Temu banned in Montana over data sharing concerns

WeChat, Telegram and Temu banned in Montana over data sharing concerns


Montana has expanded a social media ban beyond TikTok to include popular apps telegram, WeChat And Temuciting concerns about sharing data with “foreign adversaries”.

What happened: Governor of Montana Greg Gianforte took a significant step on Wednesday by extending the nationwide ban beyond that tick tock and are targeting messaging apps like Telegram and WeChat, as well as shopping app Temu, amid concerns over their alleged ties to foreign adversaries.

Gianforte also pointed this out in his instructions Cap Cut by ByteDance video editor and Lemon8 as examples of apps to be banned, indicating a focus on China-linked platforms.

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Although Telegram has its roots in Russia, the governor’s letter points to concerns about the app’s possible use by the Russian government for surveillance and gathering of personal information.

Beginning June 1, Montana will implement its new policy, banning the installation of apps like WeChat and Telegram on all government-issued devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers and other internet-connected devices.

This ban affects widely used messaging platforms known for their chat capabilities, and also the popular shopping app Temu, which currently holds the top spot The most downloaded free app in the US on both Apple App Store And Google play store.

Why it matters: Montana’s ban on TikTok could set a new precedent on this scale The legislature can restrict operations a private company, particularly a Chinese company, which has raised concerns in the US

Previously was the The Trump administration could not exert any pressure ByteDance wants to sell the app to an American buyer. Even the The Biden administration faced similar hurdles.

On the other hand, Telegram faced a number of issues. Regular chats on the platform are not end-to-end encrypted, unlike “private” ones. The Pavel Durov-Founded…

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