Wendy’s Drive-Thru orders will soon be taken by Google AI Chatbot -…

Wendy’s Drive-Thru orders will soon be taken by Google AI Chatbot -…


Fast food chain Wendy’s Co. WHOM has a partnership with alphabet inc GOOD Google Google cloud Introduce an AI chatbot that can take orders in the drive-thru.

What happened: Wendy’s and Google Cloud have partnered to create a solution called Wendy’s FreshAI, an AI chatbot designed to streamline the ordering process at the company’s drive-thrus.

The initiative is slated to debut next month at a Wendy’s restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. With the goal of reducing wait times, the company says Wendy’s chatbot would be able to take verbal orders from customers at its drive-thru kiosks.

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As part of its partnership with Wendy’s, Google ensures that the AI ​​chatbot is familiar with Wendy’s terminology, e.g. B. He recognizes that a “milkshake” is a “Frosty” and that a “JBC” refers to a “Junior Bacon Cheeseburger”. reported The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s going to be very talkative,” he said death Penegor, Wendy’s CEO. “You won’t know you’re speaking to anyone but a staff member.”

Once the chatbot receives a customer’s order, it displays it on a screen for the kitchen staff to prepare. The finished meals are handed over to customers at the pick-up window, similar to traditional orders.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian acknowledged the difficulties in implementing an AI chatbot for the drive-thru. He said the chatbot must ignore background noise, such as children’s voices, and handle situations where customers change their minds mid-order.

“You might think that driving past and speaking into a drive-through is an easy problem for the AI, but it’s actually one of the hardest,” he reportedly said.

Why it matters: Wendy’s isn’t the only company which intends to jump on the Generative AI bandwagon and improve its ongoing operations.

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