Wendy’s uses underground AI robots to deliver online orders -…

Wendy’s uses underground AI robots to deliver online orders -…


Fast food chain Wendy’s Co. WHOM plans to integrate state-of-the-art technology at his service to revolutionize the customer experience.

What happened: Wendy’s is preparing to launch a pilot program using a robotic “underground delivery system” for online order pickup.

This initiative aims to optimize efficiency, convenience and speed, guaranteeing customers a hassle-free experience.

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Customers no longer have to enter the restaurant or endure long waiting times at the thoroughfare – their meals are delivered immediately to their car.

For the development and implementation, the fast food chain has teamed up with the autonomous logistics company Pipedream artificial intelligence-powered delivery system.

The process involves a network of tunnels that allow autonomous robots to transport online meal orders from Wendy’s kitchens to the specially designed “instant pickup portals” next to the parking lots.

Upon arrival at a designated parking lot, customers will contact the restaurant crew via the loudspeaker on the instant pickup portal to confirm their order. Seamlessly deploying an autonomous robot that embarks on an underground journey through the tunnels to deliver the food directly to the customer’s waiting vehicle.

Why it matters: As mobile ordering becomes more popular, Wendy’s strives to be at the forefront of providing seamless digital pickup experiences.

A few days ago, the fast food chain announced that it had entered into a partnership alphabet inc‘S GOOG GOOGL Google Cloud is introducing an AI chatbot that can take orders at the drive-thru. Wendy’s and Google Cloud have partnered to deliver a solution called “Wendy’s FreshAIan AI chatbot designed to streamline the ordering process at the company’s drive-thrus.

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