WhalePad has proven its authenticity to survive and thrive during crypto…

WhalePad has proven its authenticity to survive and thrive during crypto…


Any crypto space civilization that has little say in the launch pads can rattle into some virtual platforms where various early stage crypto projects can be showcased. Analogous to that gift, WhalePad is here to help. Now everyone can start something important with WhalePad!

WhalePad is the TRUE decentralized and multichain launchpad that aims to make it easy for anyone to develop their own modern tokens and launch them easily without a programming background. Furthermore, WhalePad is an ever-growing Launchpad protocol with a vision to build the ultimate decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem – the Whale ecosystem (always signaling safety and unlimited progress).

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From the pre-IDO phase, WhalePad has shown its efforts to publicize the token/project’s brand name and to specify its idea/intents. In particular, WhalePad’s dedicated and professional marketing team, specializing in running comprehensive campaigns ranging from online to offline, guarantees a high rate of targeted customers and the highest conversion abilities for each project from the very first steps.

In connection with this matter, the high-tech automated KYC/Audit tool will provide investors with peace of mind and ensure that the campaign is running properly. With WhalePads’ exclusive network, every single project is audited by the most reputable, certified partners/sites.

During IDO, WhalePad constantly monitors security and validates that the pool is stable and secure to avoid scammer attacks. All types of pools (pre-sale or launch) are hereby 100% safe and sound. Additionally, with efforts to encourage self-government of the project, all-need coin tools are available on WhalePad for the token holders and of course with a cheap fee (or non-existent). Furthermorefeaturing WhalePad’s powerful and dynamic community, new project announcements, AMAs, etc.,…


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