What does Elon Musk do on his birthdays? Here’s how the world…

What does Elon Musk do on his birthdays? Here’s how the world…


For a person who loves memes and numbers like 69 and 420, people might be surprised by one of the strangest facts Tesla Inc TSLA chairman Elon Musk.

What happened: Elon Musk’s birthday is on June 28, which is 69 days after April 20 (April 20).

“What’s my birthday 69 days after April 20th, that’s crazy,” Musk said on the Full broadcast podcast.

The Tesla CEO said his birthday also falls on Tau Day as two Pi (2 x 3.14).

Musk said it’s weird things like this that sometimes make him feel like we’re in a simulation.

For his birthday this year, Musk said he had dinner with a friend.

In the past, Musk liked to throw big parties for his birthdays.

“Haven’t had a proper party in a few years.”

Musk said he once threw a Gatsby birthday party at his place House in the Bay Areain reference to the book “The Great Gatsby”.

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Why it matters: Known for focusing on details and focusing on leading companies like Tesla and SpaceXMusk admitted to putting some work into preparing for past birthday celebrations.

“My parties generally have a very high production value,” Musk said.

Parties Musk hosted included set design and performers, he added.

Musk admits the COVID-19 pandemic and a move to Texas have put a damper on party throwing in recent years. The Tesla CEO also said that most of his friends live in other countries.

Along with a Gatsby party at his Bay Area home, Musk said he once threw a party loosely themed after the Castlevania video game.

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