What is a driver’s duty of care to pedestrians in New York? New York …

What is a driver’s duty of care to pedestrians in New York? New York …


Drivers in New York have a legal obligation to drive safely and to make streets safer for pedestrians. Anyone who fails to do so faces allegations of negligence and serious consequences.

Motorists in the United States have a responsibility to make the streets as safe for pedestrians as possible through safe driving. This legal responsibility is known as the “duty of care” to pedestrians. Drivers who fail to exercise due diligence can be charged with negligence. In this short article, Glenn and Robin Herman, New York personal injury attorneys, explain motorists’ duty of care to pedestrians.

Your right to drive a vehicle comes with a responsibility to drive that vehicle safely. At a minimum, all drivers are expected to:

1. Obey all New York state traffic laws and regulations.

2. Drive carefully.

3. Do your best to avoid hurting others.

The definition of duty of care may seem ambiguous, so it’s best to look at the inverse of duty of care, negligence, to understand what drivers are responsible for.

Most traffic accidents are caused by negligent behavior in one form or another. Careless driving can result in serious injury and even death for everyone involved.

If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident, chances are negligence was involved in some way. Contact New York personal injury attorneys Glenn & Robin Herman with experience dealing with traffic accidents to discuss your compensation options.

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