What to watch while high: The perfect weed TV pairings

What to watch while high: The perfect weed TV pairings


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Ever since binge-watching went from guilty pleasure to more socially acceptable and encouraged, I’ve been asking people what I should catch up on or revisit. It quickly became a very long list. Then I made a separate list of shows that would be so much better with weed.

You know, the shows where the jokes just land harder, the dramatic moments are more intense, the plot gets more surprising after you’ve hit a few joints or once the edibles have kicked in.

So here are a few choices worth binge-watching with your favorite cannabis product.
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The good place


This is also an excellent time to [re-]discover The good place. I don’t want to spoil the concept, but it’s a lighthearted, inventive idea about good versus evil and how things aren’t always black and white.

breaking Bad

Chances are you’ve been watched breaking Bad when it first aired, or you heard, “You didn’t see it Breaking Bad? You have to watch it often enough to make you scream. This is your chance to finally watch it.


Another crime drama, but this one is about a family who are forced to move to the Ozarks to launder money for a Mexican cartel. Relatable, right? It’s worth watching just for Ruth’s iconic, expletive-laden lines.

Ugly delicious

There are a lot of cooking shows on Netflix, though Ugly delicious finds the ideal point between documentaries, interview shows and food porn. Chef David Chang is the perfect host to explore food culture from both a sociopolitical and fun perspective. Smart, funny and cheeky.

The office


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