What will be the next famous meme coin like SHIB?

What will be the next famous meme coin like SHIB?


Looking back at history, starting from Bitcoin to Dogen to Shib, I believe that you have witnessed from the very beginning that a cryptocurrency will increase ten thousand times or even hundred thousand times, which is totally non-existent in the world stock exchange, ten thousand times. The surge has attracted a number of newcomers to join the ranks.

The ether chain is the eternal goal, ETH2.0 is here.

I’ve watched my Diaosi friend with my own eyes go from nothing to extremely wealthy. He made only one right decision in his life. In 15 years, he spent less than 5,000 RMB to buy 20 million Doge. Due to his busy work, he forgot that he owned the Dogecoin, which is considered a “joke” by the world, suddenly one day in May 2021 the word Dogecoin appeared in the major news, he opened his wallet and saw a dog full of Numbers on screen Coins were wealthy and rich in life.

I think you must have thought about this image countless times in front of the screen. What is the pure meaning of memes? Why has Shib risen hundreds of thousands of times? What are the future opportunities for cryptocurrencies?

With the World Cup coming up in November, many people are full of expectations for the World Cup, but in the past two months have you come across all kinds of local dogs harvesting leeks in the name of the World Cup? The bsc chain is currently a typical garbage dump. It’s just your luck to make money. There are countless Pixiu running away. Stop your steps. Is the blockchain project you are currently investing in a true decentralized token?

Powered by Elon, Dogecoin went into the world and is credited as the father of Dogecoin. Shib was born in the bear market. A random opportunity came from the exploding meme. Niu Chu brought in a lot of traffic. More and more people started using fomo until eventually they ended up on Binance, Coinbase and Swap, which became a generation of myths. But some time ago, the founder of Shiba…


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