When Women Fly Podcasts empower women to aim high in life

When Women Fly Podcasts empower women to aim high in life


Founded by a multi-hyphenated woman, this site features podcasts about women flying planes, running their own businesses, defying gender stereotypes, and more.

Many people used to think that flying airplanes was a man’s job. Today, women are queuing up for pilot courses and are successfully flying airplanes, whether commercial or private. Sylvia Winter, a landscape architect turned pilot, fell in love with flying while frequently flying over the remote wildernesses of Alaska, Mexico, Kenya and Costa Rica in her 20s. Years after pursuing this passion, she founded When Women Fly, a community of women who share inspiring stories of women who have followed their passion and overcome the obstacles that came with it.

“When Women Fly podcasts celebrate the spirit of flying. Metaphorically speaking, we are talking about women’s journey through their obstacles, overcoming their fears and living with them. We tell each other our experiences of navigating a male-dominated world while following our passion, our intuition,” said Sylvia.

Sylvia admits that following your passion is often scary, but overcoming the challenges that come with it ends up being very fulfilling and instilling confidence that carries over into other areas of life. “I’ve interviewed pilots and other female ski jumpers, runners and trapeze artists who say that what they do best gives them that high or addictive feeling of flying, like defying gravity,” explained Sylvia.

Sylvia also invites superstar athletes, world champions, brave moms, businesswomen and more to share her journey and talk about their experiences breaking the glass ceiling. “We provide positive care and support for women who feel they have never spoken from their own hearts or lived their own lives. It’s a timeless message. When Women Fly aims to unlock a sense of adventure and confidence that impacts who we become and how we contribute to our families and community,” she said.

Sylvia believes that all people…

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