Why Ocean Biomedical Stocks Are Soaring – Ocean Biomedical…

Why Ocean Biomedical Stocks Are Soaring – Ocean Biomedical…


Ocean Biomedical Inc OCEA Shares traded higher on Tuesday after the company announced it had granted a patent for novel cancer immunotherapy treatment.

What happened: ocean biomedicine co-founder Jack Elijah received a comprehensive patent for a cancer immunotherapy discovery involving its proprietary immunoglobulin antibody.

The discovery is related to reversing immune system suppression through the binding of chitinase-3-like-1 polypeptides to the antibody, which has been shown to suppress primary and metastatic tumor growth in several animal models and may also have application in various forms of visceral cancers could.

The patent was granted for prostate cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, ovarian cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, glioblastoma, melanoma and lung cancer.

“This pathway discovery is an unprecedented advance because when you control CHi3L1, you control not just one anticancer pathway, but many anticancer pathways simultaneously,” Elias said.

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OCEA Price Promotion: Ocean Biomedical Stocks were up 21.7% at $6.40 at the time of publication Gasoline Pro.

Photo: Konstantin Kolosov from Pixabay.

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