Will a Google app update cause battery issues for Pixel 6 Pro users? -…

Will a Google app update cause battery issues for Pixel 6 Pro users? -…


Multiple users of alphabet inc‘S GOOG GOOGL Google Pixel 6 Pro have reported that their phones are overheating and draining the batteries excessively.

What happened: Pixel 6 Pro users have faced an issue where their phones overheat and drain the battery excessively. reported Engadget.

A Pixel 6 Pro user contacted Engadget and reported that his phone was overheating and draining the battery excessively, possibly due to an update to the Google app that rolled out on May 12th.

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The reader said the phone was connected to a wireless charger but was still overheating and the battery was dead despite not using it in the last hour. The reader shared with the publication a screenshot of their phone’s settings menu, which shows the Google app in the background draining the 6 Pro’s battery.

“Still very hot and unless I switched to a different version there would be no net increase in my phone’s battery,” the user added, according to the report.

Other Pixel users Reddit And Google Support Forums also reported the same issue, with some resorting to rolling back to an older version of the Google app.

“Nothing worked. I tried to force stop Android System Intelligence, which is consuming 14% of my battery, while Google (regardless of version) still leads at 18%. The phone is still hot but seems like it’s charging a wireless charger. This is incredibly frustrating,” wrote one user on Reddit.

Another Redditor wrote, “In fact, I had an even older version from May 10th that’s still draining the battery.”

On the Google support forum, one user said, “Screen time has been reduced from about 6 hours to about 3 hours!”

“Pixel 6, same problem. The battery was 65% depleted in 4 hours without being used much. The phone is also very hot,” wrote another user.

Another user on the Google support forum said he “experienced…”


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