WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers Expands Its…

WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers Expands Its…


Win Home Inspections performs home inspections for home buyers, real estate agents, property managers and real estate investors in the SWFL area.

FORT MYERS, FL. (OCT 2022) – WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers is pleased to announce that it is now offering Post Storm house inspections. With the support of WIN’s national franchise partners and using the guidelines of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors, post-storm maintenance inspections will help homeowners, property managers and realtors affected by Hurricane Ian better manage the property damage caused by the recent storm identify.

WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers is expanding its services to include post-storm home inspections

The mail storm home inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of over 300 items in the home using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technology, enabling clients to make informed decisions when proceeding with contractors and insurance adjusters. The company inspects the complete exterior, foundation, roof, windows, doors, complete interior, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. Customers will understand the existing and potential problems in a home to avoid costly repairs, delayed maintenance and possible health hazards, helping them to have confidence in their most valuable investment.

For example, a load-bearing roof structure can be damaged due to the intensity of the hurricane winds. Without a thorough inspection of the space, this significant damage and unsafe condition can go unnoticed from the outside and miss an insurance claim. Within 24 hours of completing this inspection, customers will receive a detailed, visual, and easy-to-read report with recommendations for repairs and maintenance.

A local and veteran-owned home inspection company, WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers is licensed, certified and insured to use the most advanced tools and equipment to find damage and defects. As FAA-licensed drone pilots, WIN inspectors will conduct a drone inspection of the property and roof to provide an inspection when safety is compromised by storm…


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