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You can save up to £80 by replacing shop-purchased DIY at Halloween

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Halloween is coming soon, which means that the search for the perfect Halloween costume has officially begun!

Whether they are looking for cute children’s costumes, or looking for adult costumes that perfectly blend the eerie and sexy, most Britons will go straight to the store to find their Halloween costumes. Therefore, their spending in October may increase significantly!

Do you find yourself spending more on Halloween costumes than you can afford? If this is the case, you can save yourself some cash by swapping store-bought items for DIY in October of this year.

How much does the British spend on Halloween costumes every year?

According to research Rajah UK, The average family of three will spend only £122.55 on costumes on Halloween. The average cost for a family of four to buy goods in the store is a staggering £144.20.

At first, these numbers may seem unbelievable, but when you look at the average cost of the clothing being sold, it’s easy to see where the money is being spent!

  • The average price of men’s clothing purchased in the store is £33.10.
  • The average price of a female Halloween costume is £67.80.
  • The average price of a children’s Halloween costume is approximately £21.65.

How much can DIY clothing save?

By swapping store-bought Halloween costumes for DIY alternatives, you can save up to £80. The average price of DIY clothing for a family of four is only £65.58-a huge savings compared to the price of goods purchased in the store!

In many cases, by making your own costumes for Halloween, you can save about 50% (if not more) on the cost of buying costumes in stores. So far, female Halloween costumes are the most expensive to buy from stores, and they can be made at home for only a small part of the price.

A family of three made by craft materials Halloween dresses This year it will save £72.50-enough to fund the December holiday.

How do you make your own weird costume this Halloween?

DIY Halloween costumes can not only save money for you and your family, but they are also very fun to make! Make clothing It’s a great way for your children to learn more about their artistic aspects-adults also always like to be creative.

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to make the perfect Halloween costume. With the right materials, making your own costume is as easy as a (pumpkin) pie. Here are the crafting necessities you need to assemble DIY costumes this Halloween.

1. Top coat

Average price: £4

On this Halloween, face paint can be used to completely transform you or your child into a series of weird characters. You can use black and white paint to turn into a skeleton, or paint some simple beards to turn into a witch’s cat.

2. Cardboard

Average price: free

Every family will have some old cardboard boxes waiting to be used. With a little imagination, you can turn unused cardboard into a beautiful Halloween costume. Wrap the boxes with silver foil and turn them into a robot, or turn them into knights’ swords and shields.

3. Decorations

Average price: £10

The finishing touches put your entire DIY Halloween costume together. If you want to make handmade for this Halloween, you should consider investing in some decorations that can be used to bring your image to life. Pens, glitter, fake blood, and weird accessories are all great ideas to add to the Halloween craft box.

in conclusion

You can save up to £80 this year by making your own Halloween costume instead of buying it from the store. With the right materials, you can easily reproduce many popular looks, making anyone shudder!

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