Individual approaches to career coaching in information technology.

The world of technology is growing at the speed of light, and DevOps is at the forefront of that advancement. DevOps engineers work with the cloud, which almost all modern technology companies use or are actively migrating to. Gone are the days of locally stored data; Instead, the data resides in the cloud and is carefully curated by DevOps engineers using a range of systems including AWS, GCP and Azure. DevOps engineers are at the forefront of emerging container technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, and automation tools like Terraform. You use code to test, deploy, and troubleshoot applications in CICD pipelines.

Because DevOps uniquely bridges technology, people and process, it is key to modern business success. Demand for DevOps professionals has skyrocketed and continues to grow, making this job title one of the most lucrative in the industry.

Many people want to advance their careers by learning DevOps technologies. The great thing about DevOps is that anyone can learn right from home with a strategic plan, the right training, and access to experienced mentors. However, it is not always easy, and certainly not without guidance. Because the field is in such high demand, employers are looking for engineers who know what they’re doing and can combine it with a sense of commitment and connection.

To fill this gap, Vladimir Mukhin created Your DevOps Mentor, a personalized online mentoring program that matches aspiring DevOps engineers with a mentor who works with them to identify career and learning goals. Having extensive experience in this field, Mukhin knows exactly what companies are looking for when hiring new talent and regularly follows industry trends, both in technology and in terms of hiring and career paths.

There’s no shortage of online DevOps education tools, but these are largely unified, non-individualized approaches. Your DevOps mentor puts the person first,…


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