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YYachts Custom Yacht Tripp 90 Prevail: Review

Picture: YYachts

YYachts launched a custom-designed Tripp 90 named “Prevail”. It was exhibited in Cannes along with Y7, an early design of the American company that helped YYachts build a reputation.

After YYachts launched Prevail at a shipyard outside Greifswald, Germany, it conducted sea trials in the Baltic Sea.

Yacht tripp 90
Picture: YYachts

The owner of Prevail has spent considerable time on carbon fiber performance cruisers in the Mediterranean. The 90-foot yacht has a speed of 18 knots and should be able to reach about 25 knots in the best condition.

Prevail is currently located in Majorca, Spain, and will travel to the Caribbean and the United States. Its designer Bill Tripp lives in Connecticut.

“The owner has spent a lot of time on yachts in the Mediterranean and enjoyed it very much. We recommend that he enjoy the boat first, and then we will spend a little time fine-tuning it for the race,” Tripp said.The owner’s 2022 plan includes the Caribbean 600 in Antigua in February and potential Rolex China Sea Race Sicily In October.

Yacht tripp 90
Picture: YYachts

“It is mainly a cruise ship built for blue water sailing, but it will also conduct some competitions. The owner can bring the ship back Europe Later next year, he also plans to travel the world. We are glad that he is satisfied with this yacht. “

Michael Schmidt founded YYachts in 2015 to quickly build Luxury sailboat Made of carbon, it is harder and lighter than glass fiber.

The shipyard focuses on streamlined design, easy to navigate and clean minimalist decks. Its customized models started with Y7, a 70-foot-tall interior designed by Norm Architects. It is its best-selling model and has sold about 12 sets.

The Y8 followed closely with the 80-foot-long designed by Lorenzo Agento and five were sold, and next year’s new construction will include the first Y9, which is a semi-custom model, and most of the shipbuilding architecture and exterior design of the Tripp 90 The same, but with a wide range of indoor layouts.

Yacht tripp 90
Picture: YYachts

In September of this year, YYachts debuted in Prevail Cannes It is the second largest yacht in the sailing area of ​​Port Canto.

Tripp 90 is YYacht’s flagship product, 97 feet long and 22 feet long beam. Tripp Design was responsible for the ship’s architecture, appearance and layout, while the owner chose Winch Design from the UK for interior design. Prevail marked the third collaboration between the two design studios.

Prevail Carbon fiber is used for the hull, superstructure, mast, boom and sail, and the rig includes a self-adhesive cantilever and a hydraulically operated cantilever rolling mainsail. Tripp said that the shape of the hull has been optimized to sail at 12 degrees, and the yacht is also equipped with a lifting keel, which is a challenging function to integrate and camouflage in the interior design.

Like all YYachts vessels, Tripp 90 is designed for understaffed sailing. This 55-ton yacht can be operated by three crew members (all sailors). The flush deck is made of YYachts sustainable wood, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to teak.

Yacht tripp 90
Picture: YYachts

Both steering wheels are located at the front of the stern, and each steering wheel has a complete navigation station with controls, displays and throttle, and the one further forward is a pair of winches with the power button at the height of the feet. Both sides of the sailing station are thick hoardings, which also constitute a spacious lounge area, including a large C-shaped sofa and an adjustable table.

At the end of the hoarding, two steps lead to the side deck, which passes through the unique carriage roof to a huge flush foredeck, and in front of the mast there is a wide well for the self-adhesive jib. This area provides a large number of skylights for the cabin below, where there are flexible and portable sun loungers.

Both the stern and central cockpit area can be covered with bimini and lead to the interior, which is very eye-catching. Winch Design worked closely with the owners to create a stylish and timeless atmosphere inspired by the styles of the East Coast of the United States and Medieval Scandinavia.

yyachts 90 Tripp
Picture: YYachts

When you walk down the steps, the large windows around the roof combine with the large ceiling skylights to provide plenty of natural light and a wide view indoors.

The materials and details are beyond what you can usually find on a typical sailboat. The rich and elegant combination of exquisite woodwork, beautifully stitched leather, stainless steel details and recessed lighting ensures that your eyes continue to explore, no matter which room you are in. Note the use of bare carbon, which is external.

Among the woods, the owner chose a burning Anigre that contrasts sharply with the oak flooring, while characteristic woods such as Macassar and walnut, as well as mahogany characteristic panels. The color combination of these natural woods and leathers with white, gray and blue interiors works well.

Tripp himself commented: “When you walk down, you will immediately smell the smell of wood and leather. This is a wonderful environment, a completely different world. You will feel like you are in a luxury hotel, a Where you really want to stay.”

Yacht tripp 90 sedan
Picture: YYachts

Custom Prevail also has a unique layout. The cabin below the salon facilitates a layered layout-not front and rear, but port and starboard.

To the port, the elevated dining area has an expandable table and bench seats. Diners can almost look directly at the roof window and enjoy a clear view of the outside through the cockpit.

The lounge is located on two levels on the starboard side, with beautiful leather chairs and an L-shaped sofa that can be converted into a sofa bed. The sofa fits tightly under the long window of the hull, but its internal view is the back of the dining table seat.

Prevail is not designed for repetitive production, but customized for its owner. He is a keen musician. He wants a versatile layout to entertain guests while also keeping people away from parties, thus creating independence Recreation area.

Yacht tripp 90 interior
Picture: YYachts

In the first three steps of the salon is a semi-private office with a desk, a sofa bed, a loudspeaker and a hanging space for the owner’s guitar.

The entrance is a double suite cabin, like all guest areas, with top-notch details such as stainless steel door handles and leather-wrapped cabinets and drawer handles.

The master suite is forward-facing, with a front-facing double bed, and bedside tables can be used for transplantation. On the starboard side are the dressing table and sofa-the third sofa on this side of the ship-and the elegant double sink bathroom is located at the bow.

yyacht tripp 90 master suite
Picture: YYachts

Looking back from the bedroom to the other corridor, you can see the long line of sight that the designer is trying to blend in.

Walk a few steps down at the rear of the salon, the starboard side leads to the blue and white kitchen, and the port side leads to the VIP double room. At the stern is the crew quarters, which includes a double cabin for the captain and his wife, a single cabin, a crew dining room and access to the engine room.

All in all, this is an extraordinary yacht, and also a refreshing personal yacht, which was successful due to the impressive teamwork during the test of international cooperation.

“Get the upper hand Show that as long as you choose the right partner, everything is possible,” said Roes of Winch Design. “We are very proud of what we have achieved with the Tripp and YYachts team. “

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