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Zakya and Nilofar are safe, they are expected to participate in the Paralympics-Sports

Two Afghan athletes Zakia Koudadadi and Nilofar Bayat They will not be able to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, but they are safe.

Zakia It is in the hands of the Australians. On August 17, he issued an appeal to the international community through ANSA, which was rebroadcasted by the New York Times the next day and became an international case. Australia has issued visas to her and some other athletes (mainly women). They are now safe and may have been flying after entering Kabul Airport. He is traveling to Australia with other Afghan athletes (mainly women). The athletes are taken to Dubai, where they will travel to Australia on humanitarian visas. The rescue mission was coordinated by a small group of former athletes, including former Canadian Olympic athlete and Sydney lawyer Nikki Dryden, who collected the files of athletes in danger. Zakia is followed closely by the Italian Football Association and the Italian Paralympic Games.

After all the fear and uncertainty in Kabul, the Afghan national wheelchair basketball player Nilo Farr and her husband RamishAthletes of the same discipline can finally see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel: withdrawing from Afghanistan under the responsibility of Spain, both of them accepted the offer to play in the Bilbao team Bidaideak. Even for Bayat, it is impossible to forget his experience in Afghanistan in the last few days, a country where he cannot see the “future or hope”, let alone forget all those who are “looking for a way out”. From there. This is what he said to Iberian journalists at a press conference held today.

The player said: “I am very happy to be here, but I am also sad and angry for the difficult situation in my country.”“In recent days, I have seen the danger and pain that the Taliban government has brought to the people,” he added.For Bayat and her husband’s arrival in Spain, the chain of solidarity initiated by an Iberian journalist was decisive, and the journalist brought their urgent requests for help to the attention of the authorities. “I want to thank all the beautiful people who supported me here,” he said. In his opinion, there is still a need to continue to support those who stay at home. “We ask the United Nations and other countries to help Afghanistan, not to make us alone. The Taliban are the same as 20 years ago. We see how dangerous this is for women and girls.” This is the appeal of basketball players.

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