Recently, the bursting pressure test of the floating double-carcass oil hose was completed in the test building of zebung, which was witnessed by BV agency staff. The burst pressure data is fully compliant with the GMPHOM 2009 standard.

Recently, people in Zebung’s test building completed the burst pressure test of Double Carcass Marine floating oil hose witnessed by employees of the BV agency. The burst pressure data is fully compliant with the GMPHOM 2009 standard. The success of this burst test marks another major breakthrough that Zebung has made in the field of floating oil pipelines at sea. The success of this test is a milestone in Zebung’s independent research and development of offshore oil pipelines. Tensile, bending, torsion and other tests were performed before the burst pressure test, and the data obtained also complied with the international standard GMPHOM 2009.

Marine oil hose is a high-end strategic equipment in the field of offshore oil exploration and transportation. Previously, hoses of this type were mainly imported from abroad, and the key production technology has always been in the hands of European and American countries. To change the status quo of getting stuck, the Zebung people started working hard on technical issues. To this end, Zebung has invested an enormous amount of R&D funds over several years, and has continued to research and advance despite repeated failures. Zebung’s R&D engineers often stay up all night to review data. The hard work pays off. With the unremitting efforts of Zebang engineers, people have finally broken through various key technologies in the manufacture of ship oil pipelines and successfully manufactured floating ship oil hose and submarine oil hose with independent intellectual property rights. Among them, two kinds of single carcass floating oil hoses have obtained the certification certificate of BV organization one after another. With the…


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