Zillow Adds ChatGPT Plugin to Make Apartment Search Easier – Zillow Gr…

Zillow Adds ChatGPT Plugin to Make Apartment Search Easier – Zillow Gr…


Zillow Group, Inc ZGwhich runs a popular real estate website in the US, has announced a new one chatGPT Plug-in that promises to streamline the housing search process for users.

What happened: Zillow’s new apartment hunting tool, a chatGPT plugin, allows users to search for properties using a simple artificial intelligence chat interface.

People who have activated the plug-in can recognize this OpenAIs AI-powered chatbot about the property you want, including location, price and number of bedrooms. After that, chatGPT will quickly scan Zillow’s database to provide suitable options.

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Zillow’s ChatGPT plugin is currently in alpha and only available to a few users. However, the company plans to offer broader access to the plug-in.

“Generative AI is changing the way people search for information,” he said David Beitel, CTO of Zillow. He added: “We understand its immense potential and look forward to developing further technical innovations with OpenAI technology in the future.”

At this point, it’s unclear why people would want to enter information like location, price, and the number of bedrooms they want into the Zillow ChatGPT plugin instead of entering it directly into the website. Perhaps the company will shed more light on the matter during the beta phase.

Why it matters: Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT sparked a battle between big tech players, several plugins from The Sam Altman-run companies and third-party developers have emerged.

early March this year OpenAI has introduced two plugins: a web browser and a code interpreter. The former is good for getting information by browsing content from the web, while the latter is ideal for solving math problems.

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