With Upgraded Risk Control System, CBiBank, A Licensed Commercial Bank in the U.S., Protects Customers’ “pocketbooks” ~ Prodigy Press Wire

[ad_1] Recently, CBiBank, a licensed emerging commercial bank in the United States, upgraded its risk control system as a whole in terms of system security and transaction monitoring, in order to ensure the transaction security of customers. It is understood that safety compliance has always been the foundation of CBiBank. As one of the representatives […]

Otters Universe Launches the First Collectible Otters NFT ~ Prodigy Press Wire

[ad_1] Otters Universe has launched the first collectible Otters NFT of its kind that will also grant holders premium membership access to the Otters Universe Family in the Metaverse. 4813 Otters, selling at 0.8 ETH each, are meeting everyone soon. Join the destined few, who have the will to explore and discover the universe. Otters […]

Baby STEPN Launches the First STEPN Rewards Token ~ Prodigy Press Wire

[ad_1] Baby STEPN, a meme token based on the cutest baby on the BSC Blockchain, has launched the first ever Stepn rewards token. Baby Stepn is a rewards token based on the highly innovative move to earn platform Stepn ($GMT). The team of Baby STEPN found the utility behind the STEPN token unique and saw […]