Otters Universe has launched the first collectible Otters NFT of its kind that will also grant holders premium membership access to the Otters Universe Family in the Metaverse.

4813 Otters, selling at 0.8 ETH each, are meeting everyone soon. Join the destined few, who have the will to explore and discover the universe. Otters Universe is an explorer family who explores, discovers and creates.

Future giveaways and auctions will feature special collaborations with different brands. The company is currently building toward future utility uses for holders such as exclusive merchandizing drops, access to future pop-up events, and pending strains for holders.

This is an exciting and new way to position cannabis culture in the NFT space. When user joins the Otters Universe army they will mint awesome collectible one-of-one art, join an awesome community, and more!

Otters Universe is an art project created by fine artists and comes to life on metaverse. In Otter Universe, users are all in the same art project. Everyone is a creator; all users get the chance to decide what to create. Otters Universe combines Fine Art and NFT together, the works are printed and published in large traditional canvas frames, and an NFT certificate is attached.

Who are the Otters?

Otters are highly intelligent and yet cute-looking creatures. It was discovered by the Parallel Universe Traveler Gokic Yahe, who named this universe the Otters universe.

Space traveler Gokic Yahe accidentally discovered this universe during a random exploration mission. These cute-looking creatures live on different planets, Otters on each planet have different civilizations and races.

Yahe has made an illustrated book “the Otters Guide” to catalogue the Otters. Circulating in the human universe.

The project aims to:

  • Develop a community-driven comic book about how Gokic Yahe explores the various Otter Universe.

  • Give Premium Membership to the Otters Universe family with FREE merchandise, VIP event tickets,…


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