A look at the top-performing IPO stocks of 2021

A look at the top-performing IPO stocks of 2021


2021 was the busiest year for deals since 2000, with a record-breaking IPO rush of 1,035 listings in the US, with the biotech and healthcare sectors leading and accounting for 36% of all IPO activity.

While most investors are busy reviewing stocks in their current portfolio, it may come as a surprise which company ranked first in terms of shareholder returns. While it’s not a household name right now, any savvy investor should definitely keep this stock on their radar: Regencell Bioscience RGC. RGC is the best-performing stock of any IPO in 2021, according to stockanalysis.com/ipos/2021/. On August 1, 2022, RGC is still the number one with a 237% return above its $9.50 IPO price 1.

An article from June 2022 mentioned that RGC’s total cumulative short volume is over 19 million shares. While the stock has suffered from short-seller attacks since its listing, RGC has performed well. RGC has approximately 2.6 million tradable common shares on the market and has maintained a small free float as the founder and CEO has repeatedly purchased RGC common stock from the open market.

The solid foundation of RGC

As mentioned above, RGC is closely held by the CEO, who owns over 81% of the company. Since going public, he has used $5.9 million of his personal funds to buy RGC stock on the open market.

His consistent stock purchases demonstrate his confidence, dedication and belief in the company and put his money into action. There are few companies where the CEO owns such a large part of the business. The company’s entire management team has also extended the vesting period for its stock options, showing a collective commitment to its purpose and mission to save and improve lives.

Comparison to the IPO Top Performer 2022

A recent stock that has flown to the moon since its IPO in mid-July 2022 is a company founded in 2003 by the Cheung Kong Group of Mr. Li Ka-Shing and Hutchison Whampoa, AMTD Digital HKD. HKD’s IPO price was $7.80 and has gained over 9,000% since…


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