on set with Richard Hammond for Bitcoin… on set with Richard Hammond for Bitcoin…


After years of lobbying the local council and building a team of experts to try to find, extract and recover the crucial bitcoin wallet on his discarded laptop hard drive, Mr Howells has now teamed up with the production crew at Richard Hammond’s Chimp Television to to do so to further publicize the merits of his excavation proposal.

Readers are encouraged to visit to watch the documentary teaser and learn more about the many steps of this ambitious project.

His goal is to finally persuade Newport County Council to review his proposed action plan and allow the assembled team of experts in excavation, waste sorting, environmental pollution and ultimately data recovery to put his plan into action.

It’s a compelling story that could potentially have a very positive impact not only on Mr Howells’ personal finances but also on local charities as he has pledged over 30 million to revitalize Newport should the Bitcoin -Wallet is restored.

While most can imagine the processes involved in digging, sorting and restoring an area of ​​land, the highly complex and technical steps required to clean an electrical device that has been buried underground for 10 years are to clean, clean, repair it and perform data recovery of the leftover data.

Luckily, was there to learn how one of its expert partners, White Glove Data Services, will be working with data recovery technicians like those who recovered the data from the black box on NASA’s ill-fated Columbia space shuttle to make it try and perform a recovery miracle once the disk is found.

Corresponding www.datarecoverycompared.comthe steps involved are numerous and exceptionally technical and sensitive and include:

The extraction and the journey to a class 100 clean room

There are many important considerations to ensure that the actual…


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