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Education experts need to look at the bigger picture, says leading…

Adam Caller, CEO of elite private tutoring company Tutors International, believes educators need to be open to accepting different viewpoints rather than closed-minded when considering changes in education.

OXFORD, UK: Adam caller is CEO and Founder of Tutors Internationalthe world’s leading supplier of high-quality, tailor-made private lessons Per UHNW clients. He is also a renowned international education consultant whose advice is often sought due to his considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of education. Recently Mr. Caller responded to an article in ‘Education rethought’, justified, Fill the gaping hole in the formation. The article compares the US education system to the process US learner drivers have to go through before they can hit the road independently. The author posits that Western education is failing our students. Rather than encouraging competition and focusing on testing, we should allow students to learn important life skills through real-world experience.

The idea that one solution can fix everything is reductive

The article suggests that the American method of teaching a young person to drive is a powerful model for modern education and recommends that the framework in which newly qualified drivers spend their first six months on the road should be controlled by their parents be accompanied should be transferred to the education system. Young people would ideally develop their individual skills through “hands-on engagement”. Mr. Caller makes the following observation:

“The claim to have the solution to the problems of our education system is not new”, he explains. “Our education system was designed in the Victorian industrial age and is now outdated and ineffective, so it makes sense that experts suggest ways to improve it. However, to claim that a method is the answer to the problem is reductive; it fails to…

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