Highmark Interactive Inc. Issues $1 Million Convertible Bonds for…

Highmark Interactive Inc. Issues $1 Million Convertible Bonds for…


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2022 / Highmark Interactive Inc (HMRK:V) is pleased to announce the issuance of a $1 million convertible bond at 8% (“note’) is paid semi-annually for a two-year term with a conversion price based on future share issuance. The purchasers of the debenture are management and directors. The price at which the debenture may be converted may not be less than the greater of (i) $0.09 and (ii) the offering price of an equity financing in the first year of the debenture and (i) $0.10 and (ii ) the asking price of equity financing in the second year of the Note.

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The funds will be used as working capital to drive sales and marketing initiatives for the ER Think Ahead Pathways program, ER launch and continued expansion of HMRK’s FDA-cleared EQ software in the US market.

About Highmark Interactive

Highmark Interactive was founded to change the paradigm of testing and management for brain and mental health. Highmark’s approach focuses on providing healthcare providers with real-time data to support proactive, preventative interventions and targeted care planning to improve health outcomes.

In addition to a growing network of virtual, in-person and hybrid clinics. Highmark Interactive offers the world’s first gamified, FDA-cleared, patient-led, and digital, physician-led assessments of neurofunction and balance. Together. The technology is used in more than 350 healthcare organizations worldwide.

By unlocking insights, Highmark’s platform enables precision medicine and creates a more contemporary model for better outcomes in medicine, mental health and rehabilitation.

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