JiangShiLab brings ancient Chinese hopping vampires back to life on Ethereum

JiangShiLab brings ancient Chinese hopping vampires back to life on Ethereum


JiangShi Lab is a collection of 8,888 NFTs on Ethereum. Inspired by Chinese folklore, the collection enters the Web 3.0 space with unique, story-driven concepts.

The NFT race shows no signs of slowing down. Dozens of new projects are entering one of the fastest growing industries, most attracted by its huge lucrative potential. A small number of NFT projects have been authentically inspired by passion and love for art, and Malaysia’s JiangShi Lab is their latest ambassador.

JiangShiLab is a collection of 8,888 exclusive and unique non-fungible tokens residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Speaking about the JiangShi Lab’s vision and its efforts to create a community of Jiang Shi enthusiasts, NFT collectors, crypto investors and traders, the project’s spokesperson explained:

“Our vision is to create a unique brand that brings to the NFT world something that was dear to our hearts from our childhood memories. We believe there are many Jiang Shi enthusiasts out there and we would like to bring this community together,” said the spokesman for JiangShi Lab.

All JiangShi NFTs are unique and created by a special algorithm that draws from a pool of more than 100 unique features and traits to create a single work of art. Apart from aesthetic differences between each JiangShi NFTall tokens can have other exquisite elements, such as These include custom swords, nine ring staves, cases, funeral bells, gourd lanterns, hand fans and charms, and more.

This project was largely inspired by Chin Siu-Ho, a prominent Hong Kong martial artist and actor who starred in numerous films about JiangShi in the 80’s:

“Chin Siu-Ho is a Hong Kong actor and martial artist, best known for his collaborations with Jet Li on Tai Chi: Master and Fist of Legend. However, what really made him famous was his performance alongside Lam Ching-Ying and Ricky Hui in the legendary Mr. Vampire, a Hong Kong horror comedy starring JiangShi the bouncing…


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