Physical Therapy Experts at In Motion Explain the Importance of Running Warm-Ups for Sports Health ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Physical Therapy Experts at In Motion Explain the Importance of Running Warm-Ups for Sports Health ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Dr. Lauren Schnidman, the founder and leading physical therapist at In Motion Physical Therapy, latest blog post shares professional advice to help runners keep up their routine without injuries. She states in the article that the key to a good run is an effective warm-up routine. The article then goes on to explain how a good running warm-up routine helps to maintain strengthen improve mobility and flexibility of the body. There is a clear distinction between the two terms. Mobility refers to the range of motion present in body joints. In contrast, flexibility is the ability of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to lengthen and compress in response to any stress or to carry out routine body movements without any pain.

In Motion Physical Therapy
In Motion Physical Therapy

A good running warm-up routine helps keep the body in shape and plays an important part in maintaining overall physical health. According to Dr. Lauren Schnidman, the steps for a good warm-up routine for running are:

  1. Brisk Walk

The first step is a brisk walk for at least five minutes. This can extend into a light jog for more strenuous or long-running spells. Walking briskly helps in loosening the legs ensuring better muscle endurance.

  1. Dynamic Movements

From a brisk walk, the next step is to transition into dynamic stretching poses and exercises that should go on for another five minutes before a person actually starts running. Dynamic stretching is moving several joints through their full range of motion. It is also possible to involve plyometrics in the routine, which is rapid, strong motions like skipping and hopping. Static stretching involving performing and then holding the stretching pose is not recommended before running. After performing dynamic stretching, it’s time to start running.

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  1. Cool Down

Once a person is finished with any running course, the body’s muscles are at their loosest. This is the perfect time to include static stretching exercises as a body cool-down routine for improving muscle…


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