Prolactancia Easy Maternity Movement Helps You Become A Mom…

Prolactancia Easy Maternity Movement Helps You Become A Mom…


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2022 / Motherhood is a transformational process. This stage of pregnancy is very challenging, with many physical and psychological changes in the mother, but this is just the beginning. After birth comes breastfeeding the baby, finding the right nutrition, raising the baby with respect, keeping it safe and much more.

Prolactancia, Wednesday July 27, 2022, Image of press release

In Prolactancia, mothers can find experiences, knowledge, scientific studies and discoveries about motherhood. It offers courses, webinars, training and a private community on various topics such as postpartum psychology, infant sleep, family grouping, coaching, respectful parenting and human breastfeeding. It offers online counseling services for those beginning the motherhood process.

“Prolactancia is a space for mothers to find their new selves in motherhood, to deconstruct what they were and construct what they will be. Human lactation is a journey, not the end. That’s why they all stay in my community, even though they’ve already gotten over the most complicated part of breastfeeding.” comments Erika Urbaez, founder of the project.

The philosophy behind Prolactancia is the Light Maternity movement. It consists in helping mothers to forget existence “world’s best mom” becoming the mother her children need and discovering herself as the new person she is in her role as a mother.

These services only began through Erika’s Instagram, where she shared her experiences and the information she found through her own research. As many moms started asking for advice, she realized the need and importance of a movement like Light Maternity and an online service for women to educate themselves about motherhood and debunk some common myths that aren’t true.

For example, some people believe that giving the baby milk is not enough or that breastfeeding makes them dependent. Others believe that the mother should have a certain diet and that sick women…


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