The world’s first bone conduction walkie-talkie sports headset

The world’s first bone conduction walkie-talkie sports headset


Open ear | 300 m walkie-talkie range | 5 channels for multi-way group chat | No network required | listening to music and making phone calls | IPX8 waterproof

08/06/2022 / PRZen / SHENZHEN, China – Latest action sports headphones for walkie-talkie, music and calls. Multiway group chats with no network coverage. Well suited for all outdoor activities.

Tom Yu, founder and CEO of Sgast, which manufactures waterproof technology solutions, introduces a new product, Sgast walkie-talkie headphones, to help people improve their outdoor teamwork and enjoy water sports.

Many people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could. Stay in touch anywhere, anytime with the Sgast Walkie-Talkie Headphones.

Unlike on-ear headphones, using them for too long can damage your ears. Unlike BCT headphones which can’t support walkie-talkie function. Unlike handheld walkie talkies which cannot free your hands. Sgast is a unique Bluetooth headset with walkie-talkie function that does not depend on any software. This new multi-way communication solution brings safety and fun to every outdoor adventure.

“Sgast walkie-talkie headphones are packed with features that make them incredibly useful. Very easy to use, very impressive in design and light in weight. They support a walkie-talkie range of 300 meters and 5 channels for multi-way group chat without network. 100% IPX8 waterproof makes them ideal for all water activities. In addition, they can also play your favorite music or conveniently switch to making calls. The open-ear design and bone conduction technology keep your ears open to ambient noise while delivering premium audio so you can forget about headphones,” said Chris Min, CTO of Sgast, who has a very rich R&D experience from 15 years and can research a lot good product for the market.

“Based on my decades of experience with waterproof sports products, I’ve found that traditional walkie-talkies suffer…


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