Air Filtration Company Camfil New Location in Tulsa, OK Led by Branch Manager Keith Rider ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Air Filtration Company Camfil New Location in Tulsa, OK Led by Branch Manager Keith Rider ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Camfil, a Sweden-based global leader in the air filtration industry, has opened a new company branch in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Led by Branch Manager Keith Rider, the sales office will provide air filtration guidance for hospitals, schools, airports, hotels, museums, restaurants, data centers, commercial offices, food and beverage production facilities, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, and more in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Branch Manager Keith Rider
Keith Rider Branch Manager at Camfil USA Air Filtration Company Camfil USA Air Filtration Company Tulsa, Oklahoma

Providing air filtration solutions to 35+ countries across the world, Camfil is at the forefront of air quality research and engineering and known for producing the highest performing air filters that provide the lowest total cost of ownership. Throughout the pandemic, Camfil provided air filtration solutions such as HEPA filters for operating rooms (ORs), air cleaners capable of creating emergency isolation rooms and specialized masks to keep healthcare workers and patients safe.

Camfil currently has 21 branch locations across the United States. Each office conducts life cycle cost surveys that evaluate the effectiveness of existing air filters. Using proprietary software known as LCC (Life Cycle Cost) analysis tool to model the performance of various filters, they are able to provide the best possible solutions to maximize air quality while minimizing costs.

Camfil’s Tulsa air filtration capabilities include:

  • Heating, Ventilation & A/C (HVAC) Filtration

  • Industrial, Commercial, Coating, & Painting Filtration Solutions

  • Dust Collection – Equipment, Cartridges & Bags

  • Hydraulic Filtration & Housings

  • Germicidal Fixtures & Service (UVC)

  • Liquid Filtration & Housings

  • Molecular / Gas Phase Filtration

  • Life Cycle Cost & Site Surveys

  • Foremarket & Aftermarket Filtration Housings

  • Service Team For Filtration Installation

  • Delivery

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