Airless Tire Market Analysis | Leading Players, Industry Updates,…

Airless Tire Market Analysis | Leading Players, Industry Updates,…


Market overview:

In addition, the worldwide Airless tire market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4%, with a value of $63.6 million over the estimated forecast period of 2022-2030.

The commercial vehicle market is expected to see huge gains during the forecast period and along with it, along with the further increasing efforts of the players to introduce airless and/or airless tires for commercial vehicles. However, increasing demand for tires that can withstand the harsh road conditions of heavy-duty vehicles will definitely support the market growth. Airless tires are commonly used in the automotive industry; however, they have strong resilience, driving performance quality and environmental friendliness. On the other hand, the manufacturer uses such types of tires to eliminate the need for spare tires and high productivity in the applications affecting the industrial, agricultural, construction and mining sectors.

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In the estimated forecast years, the growing attention to the agricultural sector is expected to be the main driver of the market owing to the increasing demand for agricultural machinery. The need to improve road safety has led to the development of airless tires in high-tech industries to prevent road accidents caused by punctures. The increasing need for tough and flexible tires with tremendous shock absorbing properties is driving the global market demand for airless tires. Due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, the global market has completely collapsed. The whole Airless tire market has suffered a huge loss due to the implementation of the strict lockdown procedure. The airless tire market is also facing such problems during the lockdown period.

Market segmentation:

According to the latest market report, the global Airless tire market was divided into five areas: type, material, tire size, vehicle type, sale…


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