Apple’s AI Playbook: Why Tim Cook isn’t following Google and…

Apple’s AI Playbook: Why Tim Cook isn’t following Google and…


Amidst the aggressive pursuit of artificial intelligence from tech giants Microsoft Corporation MSFT And alphabet inc GOOD Google, Tim cook says apple inc AAPL will leave thoughtfully.

What happened: On Thursday, Apple reported results that beat forecasts for the second quarter of the fiscal year, in which Cook only mentioned AI in one answer, also that relatively vaguely.

This is frightening in comparison when you think about it Metaplatforms Inc. METAMicrosoft, Alphabet and Inc. AMZNthat everyone seems to be doing aggressive advances in the segment.

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“It’s very important to be conscious and thoughtful about how you approach these things,” Cook said on the conference call.

Cook acknowledged that there are several in the AI ​​space Problems need to be addressed and sortedbut said the potential was “certainly very interesting.”

He touted features like “fall detection” on select Apple Watch models and “crash detection” on certain devices to demonstrate the company’s current use of AI.

“These things aren’t just great features, they’re saving lives out there,” Cook explained, adding, “We see AI as tremendous and we’re going to continue to weave it into our products very thoughtfully.”

Why it matters: Microsoft and Google have made significant strides in using AI with chatbots like OpenAI chatGPT, bardAnd Bing AI dominates the current landscape. In contrast, Apple and Cook’s approach to AI appears to be more cautious.

Last month, Wedbush Analyst Daniel Ive said that despite Cupertino’s not-so-proactive approach, “no matter where the industry goes, it might be the one that benefits.”

Ives said so too Apple has invested in generative AI but do not disclose current status or location details. This is in line with the company’s tendency to maintain a high level of secrecy regarding its…


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