Avextra continues its European expansion and successfully exports…

Avextra continues its European expansion and successfully exports…


Avextra AGa vertically integrated manufacturer of cannabis-based medicines based in Germany, announceD exporting its standardized cannabis extracts to Italy.

Italy is an important market for Avextra, with the second largest patient population for cannabis-based medicines in the European Union. Avextra is one of only three companies licensed to import cannabis medicines into the country. According to the company in Italy, over 70% of the market for cannabis-based medicines is extracts, and Avextra is the first medical cannabis/pharmaceutical company to register and launch a balanced extract in Italy, which is by far the most popular among domestic patients requested potency .

Co-CEO of Avextra dr Bernhard Babylon explained: “We have had extensive discussions with Italian doctors and pharmacies and see a clear need for standardized extracts in Italy. Regularly attending scientific conferences and developing relationships with leading researchers and clinicians, our Italian team sees great potential for medical cannabis therapies to grow and develop in Italy.”

Avextra’s manufacturing facility in Germany adheres to strict European Union regulations, ensuring all products meet quality and safety standards set by EU regulators.

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