Bondi’s beloved behavioral optician focuses on digital eye strain…

Bondi’s beloved behavioral optician focuses on digital eye strain…


How to protect your eyes from digital eye strain and increase productivity!

One of the positive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many businesses are realizing how effective and efficient working from home can be. Employees agree! Many people love the flexibility of rolling out of bed in their pajamas and booting up the computer for a serious day at work while taking regular breaks to do chores around the house without the hassle of the daily commute!

Unfortunately, this newfound freedom comes at a high price for eye health. People from all walks of life are now spending more time in front of screens than ever before. At work, board meetings become Zoom meetings and emails replace cool conversations.

Jacqueline Gattegno, Smart Vision Optometrist at Eyes InDesign Bondi, emphasizes the importance of proper eye protection and treating the effects of digital eye strain. “Digital eye strain is caused by the increasing use of computers, iPads, mobile phones and computer games. It’s an important topic that isn’t just reserved for adults. Eye strain in children and adolescents can interfere with normal vision development, and the side effects can be debilitating if left untreated,” says Jacquie.

Eyestrain occurs when performing tasks that force the eyes to narrow and maintain focus for long periods of time, often resulting in focus problems. Other activities that require intense concentration, such as Long hours of reading or driving can cause people to blink less often, leading to eyestrain.

Jacquie says, “There are primary symptoms associated with severe eye strain to look out for, including sore, tired, dry or burning eyes, sensitivity to glare, blurred vision, double vision, eye twitching and excessive tiredness towards the end of the day.”

“However, there are some more subtle effects that are not necessarily attributed to eye disorders, such as headaches, neck and back pain, and even difficulty concentrating,”…


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