Clippy as AI leader? Elon Musk Says “Could Actually Be” – Microsoft…

Clippy as AI leader? Elon Musk Says “Could Actually Be” – Microsoft…


As artificial intelligenceor AI, is still that Point of attraction among tech experts and internet users alike, Elon Muskwho initially complained AI as “one of the greatest risks” to civilizationHe now thinks a “little guy” could be the leader of the AI. But don’t worry, he might not mean it.

What happened: On Saturday, a Twitter The troll account @dogeofficalceo shared a picture of the legendary virtual assistant “Clippy” and declared: “If the AI ​​takes over, I hope this little guy is the leader.”

In response to the post, Musk wrote, “It might actually be the case.”

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Unsurprisingly, the potentially happy ending to “Clippy” sparked a memefest on Twitter.

Here’s how internet users reacted:

For the inexperienced, Clippy, also known as Clippit, was a virtual assistant introduced by Microsoft Corporation MSFT Late 1990s as part of the Office Assistant feature in Office. While Clippy enjoyed some popularity, it was eventually discontinued due to mixed response and criticism of its pushy nature.

The anthropomorphic paperclip was eventually removed from Microsoft Office in 2001. However, in 2021 it was reported that this playful animated paperclip Character made a comeback.

Why it matters: AI taking over the world has become a problem for many people as they worry about it High technology will outsmart man.

About 61% of Americans think AI could jeopardize the future of humanity – a concern voiced by the likes of Musk, Geoffrey Hintonalso known as “Godfather of AI”, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and investment guru Warren Buffett.

However, others like the godfather of virtual reality, Jaron LanierMicrosoft co-founder Bill Gates And Jurgen Schmidhuberonce dubbed the “father of AI”, I disagree with the opinion.


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