Robert F Kennedy Jra 2024 Democratic Party presidential candidate known for his advocacy for digital assets recently shared his progressive views Bitcoin BTC/USDsaying that he doesn’t see the world’s largest cryptocurrency just as a form of currency, but a democratic movement.

He shared this sentiment at the ongoing Bitcoin 2023 conference, emphasizing the broad appeal of the cryptocurrency.

Kennedy is committed to boosting Bitcoin growth in the US and has outlined his plans for integrating crypto into society should he win the presidency.

He said: “When I’m president, I will make sure you have your own wallet, that you keep your own password and that the government cannot interfere.”

He also said the government under his leadership would not levy a 30 percent tax on electricity to encourage home use Bitcoin mining and to contribute to the creation of wealth in the nation.

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Kennedy isn’t shy about criticizing the Federal Reserve’s digital currency, FedNow CBDC, which he sees as an ongoing attack on cryptocurrencies.

He added that government-issued digital currencies could become the ultimate tool of societal surveillance and control.

Bitcoin Conference 2023, taking place in Miami Beach through May 20, will host Bitcoin enthusiasts and Expert speakers from around the world.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore on Flickr


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