CyberCEO Timothy Minnix Finds the Right Fit With CyberBacker ~ Prodigy Press Wire

CyberCEO Timothy Minnix Finds the Right Fit With CyberBacker ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Guest CyberCEO Minnix reflects on incredible growth in a new episode of CyberCEO.

In this episode, Cruz and Minnix agree that working Cyberbacker can increase productivity and save CEOs time.

Listen to Angelo Cruz and Timothy Minnix’s conversation here.

Finding the Right Fit

When Timothy Minnix, a veteran Keller Williams Realtor with over 20 years of experience, decided to work with Cyberbacker, he did not let a few hiring hurdles deter him. Though Minnix was consistently impressed by Cyberbackers’ professionalism, it took him a few tries to find the right fit. Minnix sees this flexibility and support on the part of Cyberbacker as a strength. “If it doesn’t work out, don’t panic,” he advises future CyberCEOs. “Just say, ‘let’s try someone else.’”

Minnix’s current Cyberbacker, April, is incredibly effective, Minnix says. Her main role is lead generation–she works daily to set appointments for Minnix, which frees him up to focus on other aspects of the business. “It’s the freedom of time,” he says.

Tangible Growth

Since Minnix began working with Cyberbacker in 2020, his business has seen a net gain of 150 agents. Furthermore, Minnix attributes 25% of that growth directly to Cyberbacker. In addition to lead generation, April researches agents, which prepares Minnix by giving him “invaluable” information to go into meetings with.

“We work well in tandem,” Minnix says, adding that good communication and clear expectations are critical.

Peace of Mind

“I feel like my time has been given back to me,” Minnix says. He now feels that in addition to focusing on the aspects of the real estate business that he loves, he has a better work-life balance because he trusts his cyberbacker implicitly. “I’m not worried,” he says. “I’ll be out fishing, and my cyberbacker will be setting appointments for me.”

Minnix unequivocally advises CEOs to work with Cyberbacker. According to Minnix, the company’s professionalism,…


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