DeSantis allegedly exploited Parnas to gain access to Trump Inner…

DeSantis allegedly exploited Parnas to gain access to Trump Inner…


While the Florida governor declined to be associated with a Ukrainian-American businessman Lev Parnas — the disgraced Republican financier and former Trump world power player — That reveals a new report the duo worked more closely together than Ron DeSantis disclosed.

What happened: The former Trump insider provided Reuters with a full account of their connection, as well as 63 previously unpublished text messages exchanged between DeSantis and Parnas from May to October 2018. during the former’s gubernatorial campaign.

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Parnas and his business partner were arrested in 2019 on charges of channeling funds from a Russian oligarch into American political campaigns. DeSantis declined to be associated with the businessman, saying Parnas was “like any other donor, nothing more.”

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According to text messages reviewed by the publication, DeSantis reached out to Parnas in more than 20 texts, asking for introduction, guidance, and support Fundraising during his 2018 campaign. Sources close to the Florida governor also confirmed that the SMS recipient’s number belonged to DeSantis at the time.

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“I didn’t just look at him as a governor — he was my friend,” Parnas said.

Why it matters: As DeSantis prepares for his presidential nomination in 2024Parnas’ revelations shed light on DeSantis’ relationship with Parnas and how he helped the Florida governor join the former president’s circle donald trump.

Meanwhile DeSantis spokesman Dave Abrams dismissed the claims, saying: “This is another recycled narrative that has been proven wrong many times before,” he said.

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