Phoenix, Arizona-based fundraising consultant Diana Hoyt, chief strategist and trainer at Formula for Fundraising, was interviewed by Adam Torres, a leading LA podcaster on Mission Matters Business Podcast on fundraising for nonprofits.

Diana Hoyt’s mission is to help nonprofits increase their fundraising capacity. She helps organizations understand their data and use its power to retain donors and drive data-driven strategy development. She also helps write and review the cases they bring to persuade investors to support their causes. Today at Mission Matters, she speaks about her role, what motivates her, and what lies ahead.

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In this podcast, the presenter covers:

  • How did Hoyt get started as an entrepreneur and what led her to fundraising consulting?

  • What is Hoyt’s role in Formula for Fundraising?

  • What charities does she work with?

  • What fundamental problems are nonprofits solving by using data-driven, donation-centric fundraising?

  • What mistakes do organizations make when it comes to fundraising?

  • What is the inspiration for Hoyt’s two books, “ensure fundraising success” and “Fundraising Formula”?

About the podcast guest

To learn more about Formula for Fundraising, contact Diana Hoyt at [email protected] or call 602-722-3624.

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