DINIVA GROUP OF COMPANIES (DGC) LTD. goes into cryptocurrency…

DINIVA GROUP OF COMPANIES (DGC) LTD. goes into cryptocurrency…


DINIVA GROUP OF COMPANIES (DGC) LTD.  enters the cryptocurrency market

‘DINIVA Cryptocurrency’ (DCC) will be the native token of the full ecosystem of DINIVA GROUP OF COMPANIES.

DINIVA GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD. A huge economically strong multi-business empire in London (UK) Diniva Crypto Currency is the company with the highest expectations among their other companies like Diniva Real Estate, Diniva Impex (Export Import), Diniva Gems (Diamond Dealers), Digital Innovations and Worldwide Ecommerce.

DINIVA (DCC) introduces a totally flawless financial center with its unique products and faithful and outstanding services.

This ecosphere of financial advertising is being built on top of blockchain networks.

An authorized, open-source, sensitive and transparent financial ecosystem that works without a central authority and is easily accessible to everyone. Users would guard and preserve their possessions and assets with full dominance and interact with the ecosphere through decentralized applications (dapps) and peer-to-peer (P2P).

That says the CEO of Diniva (DCC) Group Limited, “DINIVA (DCC) does not expect foundations and seminars, for example banks or other financial associations to act as intermediaries, law firms to provide attributions. We do not need arbitrators or interveners.”

The Code provides for the resolution of all possible disputes and controversies, and users have the high authority to limit and control their assets at any time. This significant product minimizes the associated costs of product usage by sanctioning a more fluid and uninterrupted financial structure.

DINIVA (DCC) LIMITED will announce theirs shortly other products are…

DINIVA Metavarse

DINIVA (DCC) Blockchain (Testnet/Mainnet)


DINIVA (DCC) NFT Marketplace

DINIVA (DCC) Ecommerce

DINIVA (DCC) gaming utility

DINIVA Bill Payments & Travel

DINIVA (DCC) crypto exchange.

DINIVA (DCC) crypto wallet

DINIVA (DCC) e-learning platform

DINIVA (DCC) Fantasy Sports Financial Technology

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