DJ SOULFLVR set the waterways of the Netherlands with his illuminated…

DJ SOULFLVR set the waterways of the Netherlands with his illuminated…


On Saturday, June 18thth, DJ SOULFLVR, co-founder of YachtSoul events and co-organizer of the YachtSoul festival, sets the waterways of the Netherlands on fire with his unique beats and remixes.

YachtSoul Festival is an annual music event on the waterways of the Netherlands near Roermond. The country of the Dutch is known for its network of inland waterways around the world. The country has an enormous amount of the densest inland waterways in Europe. YachtSoul Festival is held annually and to visit the most awaited music festival on Dutch waterways; People have to come with their yacht, boat, SUP or other floating device.

Accompanied by top musicians playing various instruments, DJ SOULFLVR performed deep house and house music sets on a Sunseeker Camargue 51 yacht. The audience’s yachts are tied to a semi-circle and the Sunseeker Camargue 51 acts as a stage in the center of this semi-circle. A PA system and DJ equipment are installed on the yacht for the event. YachtSoul festival co-founder and organizer DJ SOULFLVR and his soulful beats were joined by a violinist and saxophonist at the event. The collaboration was nothing short of fire and the participants couldn’t stop vibrating and dancing to the musical beats.

The YachtSoul Festival starts in the early afternoon and lasts until late at night. It’s a family event where people can relax on their boats, swim, dance and have fun with standup paddle boards. People can also enjoy jet skis and jet boat tenders. The perfect weather this year enlivened the event. The air temperature was a perfect 34 degrees Celsius and the water temperature was 24 degrees Celsius. More than 100 yachts from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany took part in the event.

If you are also tempted by the setup, we would like to announce that the annual event of YachtSoul Festival will be held again next year and this time DJ SOULFLVR…


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