Elon Musk surprises everyone with reaction as Twitter user…

Elon Musk surprises everyone with reaction as Twitter user…


A Twitter user named Daniel challenged Elon Musk to subscribe to his account if he believed in subscriptionsand the billionaire’s response surprised everyone.

What happened: Daniel, whose Twitter account has over 56,000 followers as of late Friday, said in a tweet, “If Elon really believed in subscriptions then he would subscribe to the growing Daniel.”

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To a complete surprise, the tech billionaire responded to Daniel’s tweet by following and subscribing to his account. The billionaire businessman also posted a playful wink emoji in response to Daniel’s tweet. With Musk’s response, Daniel’s post received over 645,000 views in just about 12 hours.

While Daniel is not alone Musk is subscribed to other accounts on the platformincluding that of Dogecoins DOGE/USD co-founder Bill Markus – popularly known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto.

Why it matters: The microblogging site Recently introduced content subscriptions which allow users to share specific content with their subscribers, including long texts and even hours of videos. Content creators who decide to offer the subscription get all the money that subscribers pay, apart from the fees charged by Android and iOS platforms.

Meanwhile, in a separate reply to another user, Musk said the social media giant would take a 10 percent cut in content subscriptions after the first year The company tries to monetize content on the website to diversify its revenue streams.

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