Elon Musk’s AI concerns are probably just faking to get his real…

Elon Musk’s AI concerns are probably just faking to get his real…


No wonder Elon Musk’s quick turnaround to be against developments in the field of artificial intelligence to launch his own OpenAI Rival has experts questions his motive behind this approach.

What happened: Vinod Khoslaa prominent tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist said that the Tesla Inc. TSLA The CEO’s concerns about AI risk could be a tactic to gain the upper hand over other companies in this space, reported Bloomberg.

Khosla was referring to Musk’s plan to develop one AI system searching for maximum truth although he did sign an “open letter” asking that the development of “more powerful” systems be halted ChatGPT-4 by OpenAI.

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An investor in OpenAI, Khosla, expressed doubts about Musk’s intentions behind signing the letter. “I’m 80% guessing his call to slow down AI development was because he was catching up.”

“Elon is lagging behind,” Khosla added, saying, “he realizes that AI technology is really important to him in both the Tesla car and robotics.

In layman’s terms, Musk recently formed a new entity called X.AIis actively involved in the development of AI robots and the advancement of technology for Tesla automobiles.

Khosla isn’t the only person who thinks Musk’s intentions are self-centered. Fellow of the Tesla CEO “PayPal mafia” Member, Reid Hoffmanpreviously said Musk’s actions appear to be “less well-intentioned.”

Musk has reportedly assembled and secured a team of AI researchers and engineers Thousands of powerful GPU processors out of Nvidia Corp. NVDA.

Why it matters: Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015, along with others Sam Altman And Gregory Brockman. He resigned from the company’s board in 2018 over conflicts with the team.

It was previously reported that Musk wanted to run OpenAI alone, but Altman and others rejected his proposal.

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