Elon Musk’s texts with Jack Dorsey revealed ahead of Twitter deal:…

Elon Musk’s texts with Jack Dorsey revealed ahead of Twitter deal:…


A treasure trove of messages sent by Elon Musk has arisen in advance of one upcoming negotiation in between Twitter Inc TWTR and the Tesla Inc TSLA CHAIRMAN.

What happened: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey Musk said in the news that he quit being the social media platform’s CEO because a “new platform is needed.”

“It can’t be a company. I believe it has to be an open-source protocol funded by some kind of foundation that doesn’t own the protocol, just pushes it,” he said.

“If there is a centralized entity behind it, they will be attacked,” Dorsey added. “It’s not complicated work, it just has to be done right so it’s resilient to what’s happened to Twitter.”

Musk responded by saying, “Super interesting idea.”

Dorsey told Musk in the news that he would step down from the Twitter board in May and then “go to work and fix our mistakes,” adding that making Twitter a company was “the original sin.”

Musk responded in return: “I’d be happy to help if [I] am capable.”

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Why it matters: Dorsey told Musk when Activist investors came inhe tried his best to get Musk onto Twitter’s board of directors, but the board said “no.”

The former Twitter CEO told the world’s richest person that Twitter’s board of directors was “super risk-averse” and saw Musk’s addition as “more risk”.

Dorsey said he thought it was “completely stupid and backwards”. He told Musk that he only has one vote and 3% of the company and no dual-class shares — it’s a “tough thing.”

Both Musk and Dorsey agreed that something “decentralized” was the best option.

Dorsey tweeted a song by Radiohead entitled “Everything In Its Right Place” after news of Musk’s Twitter takeover broke in April.

Dorsey was dismissed in the Twitter lawsuit That came after Musk said he would not go ahead with buying the platform.

Price promotion: Twitter shares closed 1.18% lower at $42.74 on Thursday, according to data from Gasoline Pro.

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