EXCLUSIVE: Why Enriched Pre-Rolls Are The Next Big Thing In…

EXCLUSIVE: Why Enriched Pre-Rolls Are The Next Big Thing In…


Infused pre-rolls are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users, with California and Arizona leading the way in sales.

As the cannabis market continues to mature, manufacturers are looking to differentiate their products enriched pre-rolls is just one example of this trend.

Pre-rolled joints coated in THC concentrate offer a highly potent experience without the need for concentrates or vapes.

Rick MaturoHead of Analytics at BDSAa market research firm specializing in cannabis, Benzinga said in an exclusive interview that the category now accounts for 11% of total category sales, This makes it the fourth most popular type of inhalable cannabis product.

The Rising Popularity of Enriched Pre-Rolls

Infused Pre-Rolls are pre-rolled joints that have been coated with THC concentrate, providing the user with a highly potent experience. They are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who want a more potent product than traditional flower without having to use concentrates or vapes.

Maturo said these pre-rolls are infused with a number of concentrates, including living resin, rosin and dried kifwhich enables manufacturers to differentiate their products from their competitors.

According to BDSA’s most recent edition of Consumer Insights, more than half of pre-roll users said they use a fortified pre-roll product.

California and Arizona are the leading markets for infused pre-rolls, with the category accounting for approximately 50% of sales in those states. In emerging markets like Illinois, fortified pre-rolls account for about 20% of sales.

Maturo said the category has seen tremendous growth in recent years and will likely continue to be the focus of manufacturers as they seek to capitalize on consumer demand for high-potency products.

A highly effective, cost-effective solution for cannabis businesses

In a challenging market, infused pre-rolls are a smart choice for cannabis companies looking to differentiate their products and deliver a highly potent…


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