LONDON, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — idexo is pleased to announce that it has released new open source smart contracts written in the Solidity programming language to associate NFTs from different smart contracts with a soulbound token and create a voting contract where Votes are cast by NFT holders, the votes can issue tokens, and a payment contract where payment can be in any specified token and can be made for specific products, with payments generating a consumable NFT voucher for those products. These contracts are now available in idexo ido contracts Repository on Github.

The Smart Contract Linked NFTs Soulbound Token allows NFTs from other smart contracts and blockchains to be linked to a Soulbound Token ID, expanding the data that can be known and associated with a holder of that ID. Applications include building rich token-gated experiences that display all associated NFTs and provide contextual content and access based on those associated NFTs and their attributes.

For example, idexo has created a token gating tab in its own community dApp that allows its community members (called Idexonauts) to see all the NFTs they have collected through community campaigns or through staking and special content, Discounts, coupons, votes and unlock other applications based on their Soulbound Token profile.

Idexo also offers this functionality to customers of its application who want to offer the same to their community and/or their customers.

The spendable voting smart contract allows for the creation and voting of proposals that include a token amount to be spent as part of the proposal and issued to specific wallets. Proposal voters are holders of NFTs, with eligible smart NFT contracts being determined through a contract feature. Applications include creating flexible DAO structures based on any combination of NFTs and expendable tokens as needed to enable a governance utility.

For example, idexo uses these contracts to…


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