Immunity Boosting Foods Market Analysis Industry Size,…

Immunity Boosting Foods Market Analysis Industry Size,…


Market Overview

Market Research Future (MRFR) shows that the 2020 Immunity Boosting Food Products Market was valued at US$15.4 billion in 2018 and will most likely achieve a growth rate of 7.6% between 2020 and 2030 (forecast period). We will provide the report with a COVID-19 impact analysis along with all the extensive key developments in the market following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease.

Top boosters and barriers

Demand for yogurt is increasing following the COVID-19 outbreak

Yogurt is considered the best source of probiotics, which boost the immune system and also contain vitamin A, zinc, and protein. In recent years, probiotic yogurt has gained a lot of traction because it contains active ingredients that offer significant physiological and metabolic health benefits. In addition, probiotics provide numerous health benefits, one of which is to boost the immune system to help prevent disease. Rising cases of SARS-CoV-2 have made yogurt the food product that boosts immunity and sales are skyrocketing. Players recognize the opportunity and continually research and develop food products that offer additional benefits and appeal to a larger number of customers. For example, Fage is a company known for producing high-quality immunity-boosting yogurt products that boast additional health benefits. The increasing popularity of e-commerce and the rise of organized retail, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, are also major contributors to the market growth.

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Expanding the pool of health-conscious consumers to drive market growth

While people’s focus on fitness and health had long since increased, the emergence of the novel coronavirus has seen the number of health-conscious consumers skyrocket worldwide. This has been quite favorable for the immune-boosting food products market….


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