Inside the high-tech homes of the super-rich: intelligent systems, security…

Inside the high-tech homes of the super-rich: intelligent systems, security…


When it comes to upgrading their homes with the latest technology, the super-rich don’t skimp. It’s not just about a high-end sound system or a state-of-the-art refrigerator. Today, smart home systems are must-have gadgets for the tech-savvy elite.

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They want the latest and greatest technology to fulfill their every need and are willing to pay the highest price for it. From energy-saving light dimmers to multi-room entertainment servers – high-tech systems from Lutron Electronics Corp., Crestron Electronics And Kaleidescape Inc. are just a few of the many electronic systems that the super-rich are demanding in their homes.

For the average person, the dream of living in a home where everyday tasks can be offloaded to a device is becoming a reality thanks to products like Amazon echo and Google Home. But for those with unlimited resources, the possibilities are endless.

With the advent of connected devices, there is an increasing demand for innovative and high-tech solutions to make homes more efficient, more comfortable and safer. Precedence Research predicts that the global smart home market will be worth around $581.85 billion by 2032. startups like RYSE, a technology company that develops connected devices for smart homes and smart blinds, has experienced a significant boom in recent years. The startup has particular attraction for private investors, Raising millions on popular startup investment platforms like Republic and Wefund.

According to Winnie Bekmanis, who works in product marketing for the Internet of Things (IoT). QualcommWealthy households tend to adopt new technologies early on. What sets the more expensive smart home systems apart is the scope of installation and personalization.

Personalization is the key to the smart home of the super-rich. Celebrity homes are perfect examples of what personalized…


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