Investors Should Buy These 6 Stocks To Profit From AI…

Investors Should Buy These 6 Stocks To Profit From AI…


Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries in recent years and is an emerging technology that investors should be aware of when trading The stock market.

In an interview with Insider published on saturday, Sylvia Jablonskithe CEO and chief investment strategist of Defiance ETFssaid so and shared her thoughts on how AI will influence key investment decisions.

“It is and will be the fourth industrial revolution,” Jablonski said of AI.

“Many investors and market watchers have begun to understand the power of AI, the value of it, and what it means as computers begin to think and behave like humans,” she added.

Speaking of her investment strategy, Jablonski said, “We basically look at each sector and just try to figure out which companies are leading the innovation in that sector.”

“They are clear leaders and no matter what, they will invest in artificial intelligence, data pricing, machine learning and quantum computing,” she added.

During the interview, Jablonski also encouraged investors to consider exchange-traded funds as a way to get exposure to AI.

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The CEO of Defiance ETFs recommended investors buy these six stocks if they want to capitalize on the AI ​​revolution.

  • microsoft corp MSFT: Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI and announced a new ChatGPT-based search engine intended to compete with Google, Jablonski noted.
  • alphabet inc GOOGLE: “Google also recently launched a generative AI chatbot called Bard, which has the potential to revolutionize search,” she told Insider, adding, “Microsoft and Google could be leaders in AI on many levels, be it.” through their search engine.” and web services.”
  • NVIDIA Corporation NVDA And Advanced Micro Devices, Inc AMD: Jablonski said both companies have the potential to become the “darlings of…”.


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