iPhone 15 Pro ditches solid-state buttons for flexible “actions”

iPhone 15 Pro ditches solid-state buttons for flexible “actions”


apple inc AAPL could have abandoned its plans for solid-state keys on the iPhone 15 Pro. However, the upcoming iPhone range could still have a customizable “Action” button.

What happened: Apple seems to be deviating from the expected solid-state button design for its iPhone 15 Pro models in favor of a more traditional layout with separate spiral buttons and a new mute button replacing the outgoing switch. reported 9To5Mac.

This new mute button is rumored to have additional functionality, with speculation suggesting it could emulate those Apple Watch Ultras “Action” button that allows users to perform various system functions, including ring or mute, do not disturb, or flashlight.

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The mute button will not be available on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models to differentiate them from the higher-end models.

According to the report, early CADs and schematics indicated a massive camera hump with individual protrusions larger than the current iPhone 14 Pro’s entire camera hump. However, more recent CADs show a more reasonable size for the bump, albeit still larger than the previous model.

The updated design also supports speculation about a Periscope zoom lens on iPhone 15 Pro Maxwithout rumors for the smaller iPhone 15 Pro.

Why it matters: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 lineup is expected Release in September later this year.

Previously it was reported that any iPhone 15 model could come equipped with a “dynamic island” function and iPhone 15 Pro Max may have the the thinnest screen bezels in the world.

Additionally, Apple’s partnership with Sony could get even better HD photography features in iPhone 15 models.

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