Jon Stewart criticizes CNN for Trump Town Hall: broadcaster tries…

Jon Stewart criticizes CNN for Trump Town Hall: broadcaster tries…


Jon Stewart has a different take on the week’s commentary chorus, which was inspired by Donald Trump’s CNN Town Hall, where a boisterous group of supporters onstage drowned out the few challenging questions the interviewers tried to bluff.

Commenting on the still-resounding shockwaves and apparently ongoing internal conflict at CNN, Stewart said those opposing Trump’s discourse are missing the point. CNN, Stewart claims, is campaigning to win back the former president.

“Dear TV,” Stewart wrote on Twitter Saturday. “The problem was that Trump Town Hall offered no platform … or a fragile, isolated audience incapable of being exposed to newsworthy opinions that conflicted with their own … The problem was an event that clearly negotiated with Trump’s approval. An ode to access.”

According to Stewart, when CNN tried to regain Trump’s good graces, the network acted like a perverted Oliver Twist begging for ratings.

“We promise sir… we’re not fake news anymore!!!” Stewart tweeted. “An Enemy of the People!!! We’ll prove it to you!!! We’re fair and good and we’ll do it your way…just come back…”

On SundayThe Hill quoted a longtime Trump friend and adviser: Michael Caputo Who wasn’t in favor of Trump taking over City Hall on a station that had pilloried him for so many years?

“I wasn’t for it and Trump proved me wrong once again,” Caputo said. “But not only did he win, he completely eclipsed CNN.”

CNN responds

Meanwhile, CNN CEO Chris Licht defended the network, claiming that the dissemination of numerous provably false and misleading statements by a presidential candidate was a public service to the nation. Slate noted that Licht’s comments “implicitly challenged those who argued that handing Donald Trump a live TV show was damaging to American democracy — including those employed at his own station.”

Stewart ended his thread with the statement that the town hall didn’t bring anything new to the viewers…


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